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The “Whale Songs Noosa” Dolphin Experience offers a wonderful opportunity to witness the beautiful coastal Indo Pacific Bottlenose and Common Dolphins that frequent the coast of  Noosa in out Dolphin watching Tour.

As important to our ocean environment, these magnificent creatures can be observed in their natural habitat, providing an intimate glimpse into their world. The Dolphin Watching tours allows for close observation and education about the dolphin’s behaviours and communications, They love to connect with us and share their messages. Each dolphin trip we shall be taking data and information about the pods we meet and sending the information to our local University SCU.

        We shall listen to our dolphins live through the onboard hydrophone and listen to the communications they share as they chat amongst their pods. Bring your mobile phone to record the sounds of the dolphins as they play around the boat. A special gift to take home to share with friends and family.        Dolphin Watching trips are all year round through the very scenic coastline of Noosa World  Surfing Reserve  and National Park.

All trips are subject to our weather conditions so we love you to RING TO BOOK  so we can talk to you personally

0478 188 287 If you would like to bring a group we can personalize your trip with the dolphins with an added snorkel or picnic.

We also love to celebrate birthday parties and special occasions so get creative and plan a special trip just for you, family and friends. The ocean is limitless in its possibilities for you :)

Thank You Peppie and Albie


Dolphin Experience 2hrs 


  • Please Be at the Big Pelican 15-20 minutes minimum before boarding.
  • Travel time from jetty pick-up to jetty drop-off is 1.5 to 2 hours

Booking Confirmation

  • As weather and times change all the time we really like to talk to you personally

                   ( like the dolphins do :) )

    So to plan your trip  please call us for all bookings                                0478 188 287    Thank  you



Just a little note to all our guests travelling on WhaleSongs Tours & Charters Noosa*
We would like you to have the best experience possible.
If you have never been on a boat or have had issues before with motion sickness it is well worth taking some sea sickness remedy before boarding. There are many different types on the market and even good old ginger can be fabulous.
We just know how sea sickness can spoil your trip. We do carry sea sickness bags if needed and some dry biscuits that will ease the acid build up in the stomach. Thank you.


*Cancellation Policy for WhaleSongs Noosa is strictly 24 hours prior to the boat trip and a full refund or Credit is given.

If we have to cancel due to bad weather conditions or swell we will reschedule your trip. If you are unable to come at another  time you will receive a full refund. We will always give at least 24hrs notice to you if we need to cancel. Thank you.

Other Important Information

  • All tours will be confirmed based on availability and as soon as we have a reliable weather outlook
  • A 24-hour cancellation notice is required, otherwise the full fare is payable
  • Call Us if you want to ride within 24hours and we should be able to fit you onboard the "WhaleSongs" Vessel
  • The boat departs regularly from The Big Pelican Noosaville Jetty.
Find Us using the QR Code

Jetty, 180-194 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville QLD 4566

Our boat “ WhaleSongs Noosa “

is a custom built aluminium vessel that is fast, strong and sturdy, being designed for the ocean and river. With a plaining hull we only draw 45cm giving us great access to the Noosa River Mouth on most tides and the ability for a beach access. Our vessel is smooth and comfortable in the ocean and waves and has been used for diving and fishing offshore. It is a very safe boat with built in floatation so it cannot sink! Exceeding all modern navigation and safety equipment standards for commercial use, you are in the best of hands.

For your convenience we have ample refrigeration, a toilet and a roof for shade. There is plenty of room to walk safely around the boat for great viewing.

We are very excited to take you on your next adventures in the waters around Noosa.



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